Our Equipment

At Solar Tan our goal is to change the concept of what a tanning salon should be.

Future Sun Tanning Bed

Future Sun H.P. "the Future of Tanning is Here" with 46 lamps and 20,520 watts. 12 minutes maximum.The future sun H. P. will transport you deep into a new dimension of tanning. This bronzing sunbed is on a level all by itself. The facial intensive tanning system offers four large 1000 watt facial boosters, providing a deep tan even in the difficult face and neck areas. The 20 - 650 watt high pressure body-tan boosters give your body a seriously long lasting tan. They brown your legs, one the most difficult areas to tan, especially for women.

King Tanning Bed

Our 12 minute High Pressure is beneficially designed for a complete and comfortable tanning experience, open styling curved acrylic for maximum comfort, 360 burn free UVA lamps the King Italia High Pressure is essential for the ​darkest possible tan in the quickest amount of time. Color after one session.

Ergoline Tanning Bed

The wide new Body Shape acrylic provides a relaxing tanning position while the clear layout of the control panel ensures the simplest operation. The Temptronic function keeps the desired temperature constant throughout the entire tanning session. With just the simple press of a button, the Aqua Mist/Aroma functions dispense a refreshing spray over the face and body and also work in harmony to neutralize the typical UV fragrance.

Sun Storm Tanning Bed

The very high performance Sunstorm Series is one of the most advanced medium pressure beds available. The SunStorms pelts the tanner with 11,000 watts of pure tanning power. It is the first computer designed system that will wrap you in total luxury for a faster, deeper, more gentle tan. The SunStorm has an elliptical shape which places the right number of lamps in perfect proximity to the tanner’s body.

Saturn Tanning Bed

The Saturn high pressure tanning booth uses advanced technology to give the absolute best bronze
tan available in a stand up today! A very gentle tan, beautiful brown color and is guaranteed
not to burn anyone.

The saturn tanning booth allows you to tan less often and still maintain beautiful color.
It builds the best possible tan. You get a beautiful brown, long lasting tan in fewer sessions than ever!
You'll love the feeling of openess in this this open concept tanning booth.
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